Kimberly Ihekwoaba is the founder of Kihek Creations and a Multimedia Storyteller. Her investigative, intuitive and problem-solving personality, led her to complete a degree in Bachelors of Science in Chemistry.

Kimberly has a keen eye for research on science, technology and culture. Her investigative skills allowed her to break into the industry as a science journalist. Following her experience in stories with science and technology, she began writing untold stories in the community. Her publications may be viewed on websites like Diversity Magazine and Quantumrun. Kimberly focuses on using platforms to entertain, educate and empower people through storytelling.

Outside of her pursuits in science and journalism, Kimberly immersed herself in literature. This is portrayed in her works in poetry and storytelling. Writing is a place that permits her to be soft, bold and fearless. Her originality is based on portraying life from a contradictory point of view. She brings honest, transparent and conspicuous sentiments to her works. These are reflected in the blog section of the website. It is a platform to connect and become a storyteller in the lives of others. Likewise, she shares topics on lifestyle, art, inspiration and travel.

Kimberly’s interests include travelling and learning the Spanish language and culture. Her love for the Latin culture attracts dance styles like bachata, salsa, and rumba. She views dance as an outlet to freely express yourself. She is also involved in dance styles like hip-hop, afrobeats and step. She has been part of dance competitions and performed on stages such as Ribbon Rouge.


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