Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is Asking Travelers to Consult Canada’s Entry Requirements


Published article on Diversity Magazine Website by Kimberly Ihekwoaba

Calgary: On April 26, 2017, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, The Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen MP held a News Press Release. Members of the media were allotted twenty minutes for Q & A session at the Ministers’ Regional office in Harry Hays Building. The Minister addressed issues on immigration specifically, on areas relating to applying for visa and electronic travel Authorization (eTA).

With the increase in immigration, trend implies that more foreigners want to visit Canada as a tourist. Additionally, individuals wish to reconnect with families and friends. Hussen was asked to share obstacles occurring in his current position. Processing time is a challenge. The government is currently working towards adding more client services to meet the demand.

Another issue discussed was the influx of international students and their application for residency. It has been noted that there are international students with high standing in their work experience and education from other countries. Due to the need of high-skilled talents in Canada, it is valuable to retain such brilliant minds in Canada. There are loans that immigrants can apply for to support their financial burden of getting accreditation in Canada. Also, there are paid internships available to target job matching and pilot programs.

In the case of asylum seekers, there will be assistance for making a legitimate claim. Furthermore, social assistance, transportation, federal health program, and social services will be available. Canada welcomes those that need protection. However, talents and skills are required to grow Canada’s economy. This will help promote prosperity and jobs for everyone. The Global Skills Strategy is expected to launch on June 12, 2017. This will allow Canadian companies to attract global talents in highly specialised fields, meet the demands of the labour market, and preserve Canada’s competition on a global scale.

It is easier to apply online for eTA and visa. This is preferred process for application and follow up. For more information, go to

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